Sample Pumps

Sample Pump

Our Sample Pumps draw a vacuum of 27 inches of Hg (Mercury). The patented tube coupling device accepts any size sampling tube (with an outside diameter of 3/16" through 5/16") without changing fittings. The sampling tube is inserted through the coupling device until the lower end extends below the top of the sample bottle. When the knurled knob is turned to tighten the seal, the vacuum will draw fluid directly into the bottle without coming in contact with the pump. This patented feature allows multiple samples to be taken without cleaning the pump between samples.

Rebuild kits are available.

Sample Pump Instructions

Download Pump Instructions (PDF)

  1. Screw sample bottle on the pump.
  2. Loosen tube fitting, and insert tubing through the sample pump.
  3. Tubing should be inserted no more than halfway into the sample container.
  4. Hand tighten the tubing fitting.
  5. Insert tubing into the dipstick or designated sample point.
  6. Try to get sample from the center of the lube sump or reservoir. Never from the bottom of the sample point.
  7. Draw sample until bottle is at least half full. Unscrew cap to break the vacuum and remove bottle from the pump. Replace cap to bottle immediately to avoid sample contamination. Wipe away any excess oil from tubing and remove from sample pump.
  8. Remember to keep sample pump in upright position to avoid contaminating pump with lube oil. Overfilling of sample bottle can also cause sample pump contamination and carryover to next sample taken.
  9. Discard used sample tubing. NEVER REUSE TUBING!
  10. If the pump does become contaminated, clean thoroughly with mineral spirits or kerosene and let air dry. Spare parts for pumps are in stock, if needed.
  11. Please call one of our technicians with any questions. We would be happy to help.